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Interior Design in my Life: Meagan Miller

          Everyone appreciates walking into spaces that give them a good impression. The same is true with me. Although the spaces in my residence may be limited, I still try to make an effort to make them as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. My favorite room is my bedroom. This is the [...]

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Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of a home when viewed from the street. Good curb appeal is essential for resale and it makes an excellent first impression for guests. If you have the opportunity to select your own exterior finishes, try to keep a few things in mind: If you are ever going to sell [...]

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House Addition (6′-0″ matters) by Jason Egeline

6’-0” doesn’t seem like much unless your kitchens only 6’0” to begin with. Like many folks who are looking for just enough, my Architect wife and I laid out a plan to add “just enough” to our kitchen to make it comfortable for our family and have a little room for guests. With this addition [...]

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Our Guide to Prevent Outdated Spaces

All of CWG’s interior designers are on the same page about trends. We don’t like to use “the next greatest color/material” unless we know it is going to last functionally and aesthetically. Put your “dream space” Pinterest board to the test by asking these questions about the design: Are the features functional? Barnwood walls are [...]

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Get to Know New Marketing Director: Megan Mullaney

Adding another Megan to the team, Megan Mullaney is our new Marketing Director here at CWG Architects. Megan is a recent graduate from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. She came to Montana from Portland, Oregon where she grew up. After attending private school her whole life and excelling in both Cross Country and Track, Megan [...]

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A color is the effect of electromagnetic waves registered by our brain and eyes. Yet, it plays a very important role in all of our lives. Color has the ability to create feelings, awareness, and moods. Designers and homeowners have the ability to utilize color appropriately to create certain moods in any given space. What [...]

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Design Profile: Megan Moody

If you weren’t a designer what would you be? A traveling artist or textile designer. Morning routine? Wake up, greet the sun with my fiercely loyal 4lb Chihuahua, Lakota Wagging Tail, and start the day. What’s your perfect cup of coffee? Espresso, cream, raw sugar over ice. What’s No. 1 on your bucket list [...]

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Hobbies and Architecture can and should coexist

We all know how writers get writer’s block; well it is no different for designers. Let’s face it; all creative people hit a wall at some point. The architecture profession unfortunately holds on to these old romantic notions that we must chain ourselves to our work until it is done. I would argue that this [...]

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