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A Briefing on Commerical Design

Outside of their home, the majority of a person’s time spent will be in a commercial space. When designing for the public, Architects and designers are tasked with creating a space that is both appealing and accessible to the multitude of people using it. Regulated by building codes and ADA (Americans with Disability Act) building [...]

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The Power of Paisley

Have you ever wondered about those trippy floral patterns and where this intricate pattern came from? Well, not surprisingly, its origins lie in ancient Persia. During the height of the British Empire, the East India Company is widely credited with bringing this creation to western civilization in the 1700’s. Shortly thereafter, the pattern began appearing [...]

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Sneak Peak into Residential Design

Designing for residential clients is a very rewarding experience.   The main difference I find between residential and commercial design is the personal connections to the space and the relationships we form with the clients. To design according to our standards, we must first get to know the client personally. Good residential design is specific [...]

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60th Year Recap

We are very lucky to have just celebrated our 60th year of architecture and design service. The 60th year brought new staff, new projects, parties and community involvement. Here are some highlights of 2017! We are looking forward to what 2018 has to offer! Stay tuned to watch our office remodel come to [...]

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Interior Design in my Life: Megan Moody

What happens when I mix red paint, with the white paint? I remember making this discovery in Sunday school class as a four-year-old. Pink. I made PINK! Curiosity has always been my driving force. It keeps me exploring and questioning everything I see. How was this made? Why does it move like that? Can I [...]

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When Design Becomes a Commodity

Historically the A&E industry has been won and lost on qualifications. In fact, until recently, it was frowned upon for A&E firms to even market themselves. There was a simpler time when reputation and word of mouth were all that differentiated whether or not designers won commissions. Rightfully so, no matter how much technology is [...]

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