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House Addition (6′-0″ matters) by Jason Egeline

6’-0” doesn’t seem like much unless your kitchens only 6’0” to begin with. Like many folks who are looking for just enough, my Architect wife and I laid out a plan to add “just enough” [...]

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Our Guide to Prevent Outdated Spaces

All of CWG’s interior designers are on the same page about trends. We don’t like to use “the next greatest color/material” unless we know it is going to last functionally and aesthetically. Put your “dream [...]

Get to Know New Marketing Director: Megan Mullaney

Adding another Megan to the team, Megan Mullaney is our new Marketing Director here at CWG Architects. Megan is a recent graduate from Carroll College in Helena, Montana. She came to Montana from Portland, Oregon [...]

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