My twenty-something-year-old/ millennial daughter loves to go “adventuring.”  It is a modern term that an old geezer like me has a hard time coming to grips with. In straight-forward discourse, I think of it as hiking in the mountains and discovering “stuff” that you didn’t know was there.

Montana certainly attracts a lot of folks that like to go mountain hiking. What makes Helena a unique place to go hiking is the endless ghost towns in just about every direction from town. As architects, these old structures, encampments, graveyards and abandoned mines are a great source to muse and sketch.  Artists and historians alike love these sort of charged places. Helena with is rich mining history has littered our hillsides with these archeological treasures. If you are a historical buff, an artist, or if you just want a glimpse as to what life was like in Montana a hundred years ago, Helena is a great base camp to go out “adventuring.”




Tony Perpignano, AIA- President

With more than 30 years of experience in principal management, architectural design, administration, and planning, Tony has the expertise on project types of all scales and sizes. He’s had a hand in designing many of CWG’s signature structures, but he particularly enjoys designing public schools. Tony has a passion for community service and is an active member of Rotary Club and the Helena Chamber of Commerce.