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Design in Education – Introducing Warm Colors to the Space

With the installation of darker colors, such as the walk-off carpet and luxury vinyl planks, there has to be an introduction of warm color to ensure that the space doesn’t seem too cold. We achieved this by specifying: Graham – Assa Abloy - Birch Wood Doors #300 – Medium Brown     Wilsonart –  Laminate for [...]

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Evolution of Technology in Architecture

Today designers have all sorts of software tools to help them delineate their ideas accurately. These days the challenge seems to be how to keep up with all the updates and changes to Revit, but for a minute let’s go back in time to the 1760’s and consider how draftsmen solved these complicated problems without [...]

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Design in Education: Flooring

Selecting a dark carpet with a quarter-turn pattern variance for the main entrance of the schools will ensure that dirt and water will be contained before getting into the school and tracking it around, creating falling hazards. This carpet will conceal stains that are bound to happen. These tiles are easily replaceable and constructed to maintain [...]

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Design in Education

The client is the primary person to consider when designing. The same goes for design in Education. Children, teachers, and staff will be using the space more than anyone. Selecting materials that have a long lifespan and are visually tasteful is crucial. A great deal of thought and consideration went into the selection process before [...]

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CWG in 406: Ghost In The Hills

My twenty-something-year-old/ millennial daughter loves to go “adventuring."  It is a modern term that an old geezer like me has a hard time coming to grips with. In straight-forward discourse, I think of it as hiking in the mountains and discovering “stuff” that you didn’t know was there. Montana certainly attracts a lot of folks [...]

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A Briefing on Commercial Design

Outside of their home, the majority of a person’s time spent will be in a commercial space. When designing for the public, Architects and designers are tasked with creating a space that is both appealing and accessible to the multitude of people using it. Regulated by building codes and ADA (Americans with Disability Act) building [...]

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The Power of Paisley

Have you ever wondered about those trippy floral patterns and where this intricate pattern came from? Well, not surprisingly, its origins lie in ancient Persia. During the height of the British Empire, the East India Company is widely credited with bringing this creation to western civilization in the 1700’s. Shortly thereafter, the pattern began appearing [...]

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