The Quintessential Montana Cabin

The original 1 room log cabin was, in its distilled form, a place to sleep and to keep from freezing. Over the last 100 years it, like most homes, has transformed into something else altogether. With that, I wanted to reach back into time and resurrect an original; something representative of our western roots. Now [...]

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Design in Education

The client is the primary person to consider when designing. The same goes for design in Education. Children, teachers, and staff will be using the space more than anyone. Selecting materials that have a long lifespan and are visually tasteful is crucial. A great deal of thought and consideration went into the selection process before [...]

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60th Year Recap

We are very lucky to have just celebrated our 60th year of architecture and design service. The 60th year brought new staff, new projects, parties and community involvement. Here are some highlights of 2017! We are looking forward to what 2018 has to offer! Stay tuned to watch our office remodel come to [...]

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When Design Becomes a Commodity

Historically the A&E industry has been won and lost on qualifications. In fact, until recently, it was frowned upon for A&E firms to even market themselves. There was a simpler time when reputation and word of mouth were all that differentiated whether or not designers won commissions. Rightfully so, no matter how much technology is [...]

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Breaking Down the Mysticism of Design Fees

It has been my experience that many of my colleagues struggle to understand the basic principles of economics. To complicate matters there are an infinite variety of services and building types making it impossible to gauge the appropriate fees with our level of service. I’ve witnessed where some architects consume themselves with design to the [...]

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House Addition (6′-0″ matters) by Jason Egeline

6’-0” doesn’t seem like much unless your kitchens only 6’0” to begin with. Like many folks who are looking for just enough, my Architect wife and I laid out a plan to add “just enough” to our kitchen to make it comfortable for our family and have a little room for guests. With this addition [...]

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High School House Project 2015

High School House Project Open House The Helena High School House is nearly complete. Rocky Mountain Development Council is hosting an open house ceremony for the project on Tuesday, June 2nd from 5 - 6:30 p.m. At the event they will be touring the duplex constructed by students from Helena and Capitol High School as [...]

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